When RCN members come together, you can achieve real change – in your workplace, community and society. Campaigning is a central part of RCN history - from the campaign to establish a register for nurses in 1919, to supporting nurse prescribing in 1992 and consistent campaigning on pay and staff shortages. Be a part of it!

“The RCN has been campaigning for more than a century, for better pay, improved terms and conditions and safer working environments. Every member has the chance to be a campaigner and change starts with you.”

RCN testimonial Graham Revie Chair of RCN Trade Union Committee

Organising for Change 

We are training members in workplace organising because we know when members come together, we achieve real change - in our workplace, community and society. With that power, we can influence nationally to fight for our profession and patients. 

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Industrial Action Handbook   

The RCN has published a comprehensive guide on industrial action. It explains how industrial action is initiated, organised and carried out in a way that does not jeopardise members' registration, employment status or the safety of their patients.

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