Staffing for safe and effective care in England

Nursing staff are the heart of our health and care services. They care for us in hospital, advocate for us in our GP surgeries and support us in our own homes. But the simple truth is, there are not enough nursing staff to provide the care that patients need. 

This means that essential care can be left undone - patients wait for longer for treatment and vital services remain undelivered. When a setting is short staffed, those delivering care have no option but to carry on or to leave the profession. Our members and their colleagues do their best every day, working above and beyond. But even in a profession they love, the ongoing pressure is unsustainable.

Supporting our members to deliver safe and effective care is one of the RCN's major priorities, and we're working hard to find different ways to influence the changes the profession needs.


Health and Care Bill 2021

Discover more about our work to influence the Health and Care Bill.

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